The process of getting your project started begins with an email or a call to our office. We are always happy to answer questions and talk about your project on the phone or via email prior to a formal meeting. We will next schedule an onsite consultation to come look and talk about your ideas. Initial consultation is free of charge. The key to a properly installed, quality product, begins with the planning and Design. We recommend having as much information you can provide about your project at the consultation, i.e. Landscape design, property plot and infrastructure information. The more information regarding your ideas and site you can provide, will make moving forward with your project more efficient. All clients have different needs, some want a complete landscape design/ master plan that an estimate or bid can be generated from. Some clients just want an estimate or bid on an existing landscape design/ master plan. Some clients want a little of both, help with an idea, and a cost projection without an official landscape plan. We are more than happy to work with you on whatever your specific landscaping needs are.